Extended Edition of My Father is a Skeleton.


  • You can purchase the paperback from Createspace here.
  • or on Amazon here, as well as the Kindle edition*

(Please consider purchasing from Createspace, as more of the proceeds go directly to me and help fund my existence)

*The Kindle edition is NOT well-formatted, as such I’ve set the price as low as Amazon would allow. For the best reading experience, purchase the paperback.

  • Want to be a real hero, and just get it in a .pdf?
    (Which is ironically better-formatted than the Kindle version?)
  • Pay whatever you want– Small Buy Now Button
    (We’ll personally email it to you the second we see the notification of payment. If we’re awake, you’ll get it in a minute, if we’re asleep, it’ll be 8 hours, sorry– we’re too poor to afford an automated storefront atm :/ )
  • We will never save your email address after delivery.

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